About Mini-Engineers

Dear Parents,

As a mother of four I was always searching for activities that would satisfy my elder son’s insatiable desire to build with LEGO.  When I couldn’t find any activities in our local area that fit, I decided to create my own LEGO classes for him and his friends.  The younger ones soon joined in and Mini-Engineers was born!

Why Mini-Engineers?  While I am not an engineer myself, my father, through his hard work and determination, became an electrical/mechanical engineer for a Fortune Global 500 company.  He taught me basic engineering principles throughout my childhood.  I have been able to apply these to my studies at Cornell University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), my career in investment banking, now Mini-Engineers and not to mention in raising my four children.

Throughout my life, I have met many engineers in various fields and developed a huge respect for the wonders they bring to life all around us.  We definitely need more of them!

As my father did for me, Mini-Engineers aims to inspire your children by teaching them basic engineering principles that will serve as an important foundation for the rest of their lives.

We hope to see you and your children in our Mini-Engineers iLab soon!