Corporate LEGO Team Building Workshops in London

Mini-Engineers Corporate LEGO Team Building workshops are 90 minutes in length and will bring out the camaraderie and creative juices in your team.

Taking Workshop bookings for Feb 2022

Mini-Engineers would love to help reignite the team spirit and camaraderie in the office.

With many teams working from home since the start of the pandemic and the gradual movement to flexible working, it’s time to get the team spirit and camaraderie going again.   Our casual yet fun LEGO team building workshops will not only get the creative juices flowing again but it will give your employees an excuse to come into the office and have a bit of fun.  Our 90-minute workshops are short and sweet, giving employees a chance to build and relax with colleagues before going back to their desks with a creative buzz.

Book a one off workshop or a weekly/bi-weekly workshop for a specified period, we are open to work with you and your colleagues to get the team spirit and camaraderie going again in your work place.

Workshop Specifics

  • The team will arrive roughly 30 mins before the start of the workshop to set up.
  • Each workshop is 90 minutes in length.
  • Adults build in teams of 4.
  • We can run back-to-back and simultaneous workshops (would need two separate areas).

Location and Required Space

  • We can hold the workshop at an event space in the office or at a local venue.
  • We will need one large table per team (we find that a round 7 foot table, which can be rented, works well).
  • We are currently only running our Corporate LEGO workshops within the London area.


  • £35.00 per adult + Travel Fee.
  • Minimum 12 adults (3 teams) per workshop.
  • Maximum 20 adults (5 teams) per workshop.

Creative Theme Build Workshop

Let your employees’ imaginations run loose!  Our Creative Theme Build Kit of 4000+ bricks will surely ignite the team energy and encourage the creative juices to flow in abundance again.   Potential themes include:

  • African Adventures
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Harry Potter
  • London City
  • Modern Wonders of the World
  • Natural Wonders of the World
  • New York City
  • Under the Sea