LEGO parties in London for children aged 6 to 11 years.

Mini-Engineers LEGO parties are creative, focused and fun for all involved.  We will be more than happy to work with you to create a LEGO party with your child’s favourite Mini-Engineers build theme in mind.

Taking party bookings for Feb 2022

Mini-Engineers would love to help you create an engaging, focused and unforgettable LEGO party for your child! 

All bespoke parties will be created with your child’s favourite Mini-Engineers build theme in mind.  We can hold the party at any indoor location of your choosing as long as there is sufficient floor space for building.  We will help you to tailor your party by build theme, group size and age.  In addition to parties, we also do playdates so please get in contact to discuss in further detail.

Items included in the package:

  • Party Host plus Assistant(s) depending on total number
  • Build Activity (90 minutes)
  • Mini-Engineers T-Shirt for the host child
  • Mini-Engineers name badges for the children
  • Birthday Party Invitations
  • Thank You Cards

All you need to do is provide location, food and birthday cake.

Party Specifics

  • The team will arrive roughly 30 mins before the start of the party to set up.
  • Our LEGO building activity is 90 mins in length.
  • Host will usually serve food/cake for an additional 30 mins after the LEGO build.
  • At the moment, parties should be structured as drop off (or parents should be in a separate room from the children).

Location and Floor Space

  • We can hold the party at an indoor location of your choosing, including the local church hall, community centre, school, hotel, restaurant, etc.
  • Children will build on the floor and will need approximately 3 x 3 metres of space for each team of 6 children.
  • We are not able to hold our build activities outdoors.
  • We are currently only running our LEGO parties within the London area.


  • £30 per child for up to 16 children (£15 for each additional child) + Travel Fee
  • For joint parties, there will be a fee of £10.00 for each additional birthday child.
  • Minimum of 12 children (2 teams of 6 children)

Party Themes

Harry Potter

Creative Theme Build Party

Age Group: 6 to 11 yrs (Year 1 to Year 6)

Let the imaginations run loose!  Does your child have a favourite build theme that he/she would like to construct with his/her friends using the Mini-Engineers Creative Theme Build kit of over 4000+ elements?  The children will have the opportunity to build, play and share their creations with one another.  This kit is always super engaging and fun!

Children build in teams of 6.  Potential themes include:

  • Harry Potter
  • Knights and Castle
  • London City
  • Minecraft
  • Ninja
  • Rainforest
  • Space
  • Under The Sea
Car Build and Race

Car Build and Race Party

Age Group: 6 to 11 yrs (Year 1 to Year 6)

Let the races begin!  The party will start off with a brief overview of the physics involved with designing a fast car.  Each child will then design and build their dream car with one of our twelve different coloured Mini-Engineers car kits…there is bound to be a colour that suits every child – boy or girl!  Afterwards, the children will have the opportunity to test their cars down the Mini-Engineers ramp in preparation for the ultimate race car competition.  Ready…!


Happy mini-engineers

A huge thank you for making my son’s birthday an amazing day! He and his friends had a wonderful time letting their imagination turn into real pieces of art, working in teams and talking about their pieces.  The party flowed very well, everything was greatly organised and I have been getting a flow of positive feedback from friends as well.


Muge P. (mum)

Thank you for Charlie’s birthday party  – it was amazing – the children all loved it and were very productive. I can honestly say it was the best party we have ever had  – the instructors were great and very organised and the children completely engaged. Lots of learning about rainforests, working as a team and fun. It was inclusive and non competitive which works really well  – lots of genuine thanks yous from all of us.

Emma T. (mum)

Quick note to say thank you for a fabulous party on Friday!!  The boys all loved it totally, it was so easy and very well managed and run, it was amazing how much concentration the children had on a Friday afternoon, quite amazed!

Thank you to your lovely team and yourself.

Claire Z. (mum)